6 ways to keep fit indoors

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world’s nations to #StayHome. That’s a major bummer not just for fitness buffs but also for everyone else looking to keep fit or maintain general health. We were forced to temporarily say goodbye to the gym, public parks and swimming pools. But just because we are staying home, doing our part to help curb the spread of Covid-19, that does not mean that we need to put a complete halt to our fitness goals.

There are many means to turn the current situation to our advantage. And you will be surprised to know that there are actually many ways to staying fit and healthy right at home, without having to hit the gym or take to the outdoors!


Workout Videos

The first option is to follow online instructional fitness videos. The virtual world is quite simply your fitness oyster. Whether full body workout, HIIT cardio training or a 3-minute plank workout, there’s always something new for you to try. You can also switch things up according to your energy level and mood at the moment, all by just by typing “workout videos” in the search engine. PC screen, smartphone or tablet too small for you? Cast the video to your big screen TV, if you have Google chrome or your TV comes with one built in.

Also, there are live virtual classes held by your favourite gyms during this #MCO period. Some, like Bornean Wolves Studio (https://www.facebook.com/borneanwolves.studio/) offer free live workout sessions.


Dance your heart away

If you get bored with normal workouts, dancing is a great option with which you can burn those unwanted calories while having fun at the same time. Most of us are not professional dancers, so dancing in the comfort of our home means we needn’t worry about being embarrassed whenever we miss a beat. Bear in mind that it is not 100% necessary to follow the steps and reps in a fitness dance video. As long as you get that body moving to the beat, you’re doing ay okay. So go ahead and stream your favourite Latin, Hip-Hop or K-pop music on your boombox and dance away!



Since the farthest we can walk around worry-free for some fresh air is within the boundaries of our own home, how about some extra TLC (Tender Loving & Care) session for your flowers, fruits and vegetables in your garden? Activities like watering the flowers and landscaping your garden can do more good than you think to your mind, body and soul. If you do not have a garden around the house, this is the perfect time to experiment and start one.


Mindful meditation

No doubt, staying home for so many days can be very stressful. Take a few minutes a day to meditate and space out from everything. It helps you clear your mind and manage your anxiety levels. Bear in mind that you will need a comfortable place to sit still for several minutes of inhaling and exhaling. You will feel way better after a much-needed mind reset.


Walk up and down the stairs

If you are not in the mood to follow instructions from workout videos, walking up and down the stairs is a great alternative to get that blood circulation up and running. Your body might not produce much sweat from walking up and down the stairs, but it is definitely a good exercise and a mood booster.


Workout by levelling up in a game

Some people are lucky enough to own game consoles like Nintendo Switch and a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. Devices like these are portable and can transport you into the virtual realm, where you can partake in matches in a boxing ring or jet ski somewhere exotic, offering some levels of intense workout from the comfort and safety of home.

So which activity are you going to start getting fit with?

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