6 home redecorating ideas during #MCO

There are a million ways to keep yourself busy at home during the MCO. One of them is redecorating your house. Been wanting to toss out an oldie, or change the look of your home? This is the time to do it! And yes, you can do it without spending a single Sen. Just use what you already have at home. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your redecorating mission to create a fresh new look and feel for your home.


Clear out the clutter

The most common realisation that you will have during this #StayHome period is just how much-unused stuff there are laying around at home. If you do not know how to start, follow the KonMari method. First, commit to the ‘tidying up’ mentality. Then, group your stuff by categories. Finally, discard the ones that no longer bring joy to your life.

Clear out the clutter


Rearrange your furniture

There is no black-and-white to this. Push the couches away from the wall, swap the cushions, switch the rugs, or reposition the TV. It is all up to your imagination and ideas. Pinterest, for one, has long served as a reference board in redecorating.

Rearrange your furniture


Paint existing pieces

Breathe new life into your home by repainting things like lawn fences, doorknobs, or even kitchen cabinets! After spending over a month strictly at home during the MCO. You surely already have ideas of what colour schemes you want for your home.

Ideas using colours


Hang some photos or art

Add some lively visuals to your home by hanging some art or photo frames you own but never got around to hanging them to display. You can also switch the positions of the photos if they are already up on your wall. Either way, a little change to your wall will give a fresh new feel to your home.

Ideas hang photos or art


Organise your spices

Familiar with the struggle of differentiating between cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder? Or MSG and salt? On top of that, other spices and seasoning powders stored in different-sized containers laying around somewhere in the kitchen. It is time to finally put a stop to this habit. And arrange your collection of spices and seasoning collection for a more organised kitchen.

For eye-pleasing spice organisation, store them in canisters of standardised size or jars with labels. It make easier for you to find them. Whether you want to insert these jars in the drawer or stack them on a wall pantry rack is up to you.

Organise your spices



There are countless DIY redecorating ideas you can use to make everything more organised. You can paint different keys in different nail polish colours to differentiate them. On the other hand, organise your electronics cable cords with clips so they do not appear messy. Bored looking at your shelves? Restyle them by adding nostalgic heirloom pieces, plants, and scented candles.

Using your ideas by Do-It-Yourself

find ideas to organise the home

So there you go – quick redecorating ideas to spruce up your home during the MCO.

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