5 ways to make Easter 2021 more fun!

It’s another year of social distancing and SOPs. It is also another year of not being able to celebrate Easter Sunday like how we usually do before COVID-19 decided to take the fun out of everything. But though church services and activities that follow throughout Easter Sunday are still not possible now, here are 5 ways you can have an enjoyable, unique and meaningful Easter celebration at home.


Put up an Easter tree

This is definitely not the norm but putting up an Easter tree is a great way to switch things up and get everyone in the mood. A small leafless tree with lots of branches does the trick. As for decorations, hang some homemade Easter eggs that you’ve painted yourself on the tree to give it a splash of colours. It will surely set the right mood for your Easter-at-home.

5 ways to make Easter 2021 more fun!photo source: www.housebeautiful.com

Easter egg surprise

Make this year’s Easter egg hunt more exciting for the kids by introducing Easter eggs with snacks and gifts inside. Take some old “egg surprise” plastic eggshells and fill them up with tasty treats like chocolates or raisins, along with some small toys. Colour the egg surprise shells with fun designs and hide them in the nooks and crannies of your home for the little ones to find, open and enjoy the treats inside them. They will love it for sure.

Easter egg surprise


Indoor TV picnic

Celebrate Easter with a family picnic… indoors and in front of the TV! That’s right. Put on a family favourite Easter movie or (if any) an Easter special TV programming and enjoy a picnic with the family while watching your shows. It’s simple, good fun that works the trick at a time when you can’t go out to watch a live Easter show or have a picnic in the open with many people around.

Binge watching vs weekly watching


Get creative with your food

One way to lift everyone’s spirit this Easter is to get extra creative with your food. Make lunch more exciting not just with the food presentation, but with the food itself. Add a touch of quirkiness to your chocolate bunny by piping on some frosting to create a facemask on the bunny’s face. Or maybe stick bunny ears in your cupcake to make it more festive. Let your imagination run wild.

5 ways to make Easter 2021 more fun! - Get creative with your foodPhoto source: www.womansday.com

Give to someone in need

This last one is more of a meaningful way to celebrate Easter. If there is someone you know who is need or perhaps there are organisations out there you’d like to support, by all means go ahead. There’s nothing more rewarding than to bring smile and joy in the lives of those in need. You can do that by donating to your charitable body of choice via online as well.

With that, we wish you a Happy Easter 2021!

Happy Easter 2021photo source: Freepik

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