5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home

Mothers are the living embodiment of unconditional love. Each year, Mother’s Day is globally celebrated on the second Sunday of May. With this year’s unique circumstances, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day at home instead. But that doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day cannot be special this year. With some planning, Mother’s Day at home might be a celebration you will never forget.

Here are some at-home ideas for you to show your mom how much you appreciate her.

happy mother's day

Breakfast in bed

Start your Mother’s Day appreciation by surprising Mum with the classic breakfast in bed. Mums always go to extensive lengths to make sure we start our day with a hearty breakfast. It is time to turn things around. Cook up a fancy breakfast that your mom wouldn’t be able to resist sinking her teeth into. When in doubt, a pretty plate of fluffy caramel waffles or grilled cheese sandwiches does the trick.

If you’re not living in the same house, make breakfast in bed happen by having it delivered to your mother’s house.

Mother-daughter movie time

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for mothers and daughters to spend time over a good movie. Freaky Friday is a funny flick that everyone can always relate to. This movie is about how teenage daughter Anna (played by Lindsay Lohan) and mum Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) suddenly find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies. This body swap forced them learn to respect each other and see things from different perspectives.

If you’re living in different houses, a Netflix party does the trick! This will allow both you and your mum to watch the movie at the same time, even if you do not live in the same house.

Freaky Friday for Mother’s Day

Pampering session

Mums these days need to juggle work with family and their own selves, which can be really stressful. Long-term stress can cause your joints to swell and ache, leading to more pain in your body. This Mother’s Day, give your mum a simple massage to rid her of all the tensions in her body.

For some serious pampering, top off the massage with some mani-pedi session at home. Bring some hot, calming tea to elevate the experience.

Give Mum the day off

After all those sacrifices your Mum has done for the family, it’s time to let the Queen relax and kick back on this special day dedicated to her. Make plans with the rest of your family on who will do which household chores like dinner, laundry, house cleaning, etc. Truly, mums deserve to not even lift a finger on Mother’s Day!

Mothers love

Surprise her with a homemade gift

Everyone loves to receive meaningful gifts. But while the MCO is making shopping for gifts nearly impossible, especially if it’s last-minute, you can always opt for a homemade gift instead. Here’s a video with ideas for beautiful and easy Mother’s Day gifts that your Mum will appreciate:

So how are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

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