5 vacation-at-home ideas

Bummed about having to cancel your travel plans? Feeling antsy doing social distancing at home? While travelling is out of the question right now in the midst of a global pandemic, with some imagination and creativity, you can bring your dream vacation destination home. From recreating that relaxing Thai spa experience to browsing through art in Paris, these ideas will make you feel like you’re having a vacation at home!


Breakfast in Malaysia

In Malaysia, breakfast is taken seriously, and you too can experience a Malaysian breakfast for your vacation at home. Google recipes for breakfast favourites in Malaysia and see if you can recreate them in your kitchen. It’s a great way to put your cooking skills to the test. From the beloved Nasi Lemak to the aromatic Laksa Sarawak, you can find countless free recipes online. Top off your Malaysian breakfast experience with the some Teh Tarik (pulled milk tea) or Kopi ‘O’ (black coffee with sugar) and lovely instrumentals from Borneo – we love the tribal tunes played on the Sape.

having nasi lemak at home


Tranquil Thai spa day

Loosen up those stiff joints by having a Tranquil Thai spa day at home. First, draw a hot bath and then add some bath salt or your favourite essential oils (energizing and citrusy lemon or calming lavender are recommended) before you go in for a soak. The salt helps to gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it smoother and more silky. Take this time to also fix those rough soles on your feet.

Set the whole Thai spa mood with dim lights, scented candles, and soothing oriental music. Simple and mundane as they sound, these rituals make the whole experience more extraordinary.

having a Tranquil Thai spa day at home


Cheese indulgence in Italy

Have a lovely evening with your loved ones over some cheese and wine. Assemble the perfect cheese board from a good selection of cheese according to textures and flavours, and add some crackers, jams, sliced fruits, and your wine of choice. The Italians take their cheese boards seriously. So get crafty by labelling each cheese with a printed slip of paper on a toothpick, and hang a string of Italian flag printouts across the wall in your living room to elevate the Italian vacation at home experience. Let your friends know you’re on vacation at home with a snapshot for the ‘Gram.


See art exhibitions in Paris

Thanks to technology, art exhibitions from the present and past are truly at your fingertips. Now, you can even go to museums without needing to leave your couch. The Louvre Paris offers comprehensive virtual tours where you can discover artworks and exhibits up-close, inside the museum itself. Virtual tours include great art exhibits of Delacroix, Rembrandt, ‘Remains of the Louvre’s Moat’ and ‘Galerie d’Apollon’, among many. Here is the LINK.

See art exhibitions in Paris from home


African safari adventure

How about an adventure in the African safari? Be transported into the thrilling African wilderness right now, through various livestreams available online. Enjoy the wilds from the screens of your homes and get ready for some action from animals like lions, leopards, and giraffes. It’s as if you are seeing them up close in the wild. A livestream of the African safari lets you experience the unpredictable in the animal kingdom of wild Africa. Here is the LINK.

African safari adventure from home

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