5 tips on enhancing your productivity at home

Let’s face facts. The #MCO has got most of us stuck at home, unable to do the things we want to do – not even go out and enjoy the outdoors or meet up with friends for a movie or a nice meal at the restaurant. And vacationing? Well that is not happening – not while the MCO is still in effect or the threat of COVID-19 is still very much present.

But the MCO has also helped us become more productive. By now we have gotten the hang of working from home and balancing that with spending quality time with our family. A sub-conscious self-development if you will. Here are some tips with which you can enhance your productivity even more, whether it is for work, yourself or your family.

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1.  Help the kids with online school

The MCO has forced schools to close, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop too. Schools are now using social media and online platforms to distribute homework and conduct classes.

What you can do as a parent is to help monitor your kids with their online accounts or downloading their homework. Step in if they need help organising their homework and if need be, help them out with homework, but DO NOT do it for them. How’s that for boosting productivity?

2.  Switch things up

It’s great that you’ve been taking this opportunity to do some house chores and being productive, together with your family members. Why not switch things up and have each family member do a different chore each time. If Freddy has been clearing up the mess on the coffee table, maybe this time he can help to take out the trash instead. Molly can be reassigned from wiping the windows to rearranging the throw pillows on the sofa. Lucas can help Dad with the aquarium water change.

3.  Learn new tricks to make life easier 

YouTube is littered with videos of exciting life hacks, utilising everyday objects and recyclable items to create things that are both beautiful to look at and useful for everyday application. These videos are definitely useful in helping to make your everyday tasks easier and more exciting. Here’s one of many videos on YouTube for ideas that’ll help boost your productivity at home.

4.  Jazz up your meals

The MCO gives us more time to prepare our everyday meals. But why not take it up a notch by preparing new and exciting culinary masterpieces to make your daily meals even more special? Your family will thank you for it and that’ll add another point to your productivity score!

Not enough ingredients? No problem! The MCO allows you to go to the supermarket to buy groceries. Just be sure you wear a mask and practice social distancing. Degrocery.com, Everrise and CS Supermarket offer home delivery service for groceries, if you’re not keen on stepping outside.

Another option would be to buy food from delivery apps like Planet Kuching, Lyfe, Grab Food and Food Panda. Have a different theme for your meals every time to keep things interesting.

5.  Unleash your hidden talents

So you’ve been learning how to play the guitar or how to sing. That’s great. But in addition to what you already know, you can also head to YouTube for “extra lessons”. It’s not that the people out there on the web are better than your music teacher(s). It’s just that they may have tips and tricks that you can use to better yourself, that you did not learn from your teacher(s). Same goes with other skills and talents like painting or designing or craft-making.

The Internet is a world wide web of information and instructional articles and videos. So make good use of the web to boost your productivity. In no time, you will unleash your true potential.

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