5 things to remember when redecorating your home

After all we’ve been through throughout the year 2020, a great way help set the tone for a fresh new start is to redecorate your home to give it a brand new look and feel. And to help you get it right every time, here are 5 things to always keep in mind when redecorating your home:

1. Let the light in

Flood your living space with sunlight! We’re not saying open all the windows and doors. Rather, replace your dark drapes and thick colourful curtains with white or cream coloured ones. Sheer curtains let a lot of light in but leave little room for privacy because you can see through them. Light filtering curtains are great options as they allow soft daylight to fill up your space while making sure no one can peek into your home. Letting a lot of light into your living space creates a refreshing ambiance and evokes a sense of serenity. For a grander look and a better sense of space, hang your curtains high above the window/door frame, as close as possible to the ceiling.

Let the light in at home


2. Paint ‘em white

Not necessarily all white, of course. You can opt for beige, cream or a very light grey too. The aim here is to have a house that is easy to decorate every time, because light, neutral colours go well with just about any décor. They also create spaciousness and inspire relaxation. You can never go wrong with light, neutral hues, whether you’re aiming for a modern contemporary look or something more classic and luxurious.

Paint ‘em white at home


3. Keep it at eye level

How many times have you gone into someone’s house and find photo frames or paintings hanging way up high, almost touching the ceiling? Photos and paintings are meant to be admired by you, your family and your house guests. So it makes no sense to hang them high up. Always remember to hang family photos and portraits or paintings with the middle of those photos and paintings hanging at eye level. It’s easier for people to see and looks more proportionately correct as well.

Keep it at eye level


4. Accentuate with baskets

In a tropical country like Malaysia, it makes complete sense to have handwoven baskets placed all over your home for character and flair. Tall handwoven baskets are perfect for potted plants or as umbrella holders, or just displayed as is at the corner of your home. Add elegance to your laundry area or your bathroom with larger handwoven baskets that can function as stylish laundry baskets or towel holder.

Accentuate with baskets


5. Play with patterns

Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns. Throw pillows and area rugs with patterns of different shapes, sizes and colours, for example, create visual interest in an otherwise plain old room. Refreshing colours like lime green, sky blue and deep yellow look great on a cream or beige coloured sofa. A zig zag patterned woven mat in black and white looks amazing on the living room floor.

Play with patterns

Go ahead and give these a try. Happy redecorating!

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