5 things to be grateful for amidst COVID-19 Movement Controlled Order (MCO)

Sometimes life throws a few curveballs… In 2020, it is the global pandemic COVID-19. With the whole world in uncertainty, it is easy to succumb to anxiety and look to the bad side of things, especially with lockdowns in effect everywhere – for Malaysia, it’s the Movement Controlled Order (MCO). However, practicing gratitude can help us cope in these hard times because truly, there are lots of positive sides of this #MCO.


Beauty sleep

An eight-hour beauty sleep is crucial for the body to fully repair itself, leaving you (and your skin) refreshed the next day. Before the #MCO, this was a luxury due to our busy schedules and late-night outs. But now, this is something we can have every day as we do not have to beat the morning rush hour since most of us are working from home (#WFH).

Because of #MCO, we can lay in bed for that extra half an hour, or maybe one or two hours more, and continue #WFH in our pyjamas. This is something we should all be grateful for.


Committed and efficient frontliners: #clapforourfrontliners

Recently, China Global TV Network (CGTN) named Malaysia’s Health Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah as one of the three world-leading doctors in handling the COVID-19 outbreak. This remarkable recognition puts Malaysia on the global map and reassures the citizens that we have an efficient and thriving ecosystem of frontline responders. Besides, Malaysia’s curve is also observed to be gradually flattening, and hopefully levelled soon as we have now entered the fourth phase of the #MCO. Now that is something to be grateful for!

grateful during MCO

Throughout the #MCO, we have seen netizens coming together to #clapforourfrontliners. Let’s show how grateful we are to the frontliners by giving a big applause to all the frontline responders including health workers and volunteers, the police, the army, PPE-gown makers, supermarket workers, cleaners, postal and delivery servicemen, rubbish collectors, reporters and many others who have been working tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety.


Food delivery services

It’s sad how we’re not able to have breakfast at our favourite hawker stalls or have delicious freshly-made dishes for lunch at our food courts of choice right now. Fortunately, with delivery apps like Grab Food, FoodPanda and Lyfe, we can have our favourite meals delivered to our doorsteps. If you think about it, this health war is not too bad compared to the wars and invasions that our grandparents or great-grandparents had to go through. So let’s be grateful for all the conveniences we still have despite the hardship during the #MCO.

For more information on other deliveries available during #MCO, read our article on our website at www.borneotalk.com/20-kuching-eateries-offering-deliveries-and-takeaways-during-mco/ 


Personal development

Being confined at home provides us the luxury of time, especially those working in non-essential services. Previously, we are only able to attend to our leisurely pursuits during weekends. So, let’s be grateful for the fact that right now, we have all the time in the world to continue that project we have been putting off for a while. It may be writing a novel, learning a new language or simply redecorating your house.

Here are some redecorating ideas to create a new feel for your home: www.borneotalk.com/6-home-redecorating-ideas-during-mco/ 


Family bonding time

If there is one thing that we must absolutely be grateful for each day, it is staying close with our families. This partial lockdown has given families the opportunity to bond and nurture relationships with one another. Bonding time can be an evening ice-cream break, a home-school Math lesson or a movie night.

It is true that the pandemic is a distressing time. But just the presence of our family with us has this power to ease our anxieties and help us cope with our new day-to-day better.

So, what are you grateful for this #MCO?

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