5 sustainable products you need in your life

Sustainable is a fancy word. What most people understand is the environmental aspect of it, that is striving for a zero-waste life which is correct. But sustainability spans far beyond that, and it also involves the community, the economy and how organisations conduct their day-to-day operations. 

In short, sustainability is a way of life. Just think about it, each decision we make our purchases, all have environmental, social and economical impacts. 

At BorneoTalk, under our #StirringUpBorneo initiative, sustainability is a defining characteristic of how we work closely with the community, for the community with the primary objective to empower, uplift and give back (fair-trade income). This means that sustainability is considered greatly throughout the entire process: from the very beginning – product design – to the end such as packaging and the proceeds of the sale. By working closely with the native communities of Sarawak, we are also helping to improve their livelihood, in becoming more financially stable.

In times of economic uncertainty posed by threats of the coronavirus like now, considering sustainable options when purchasing is the right move. Hence, here are some sustainable products under #StirringUpBorneo, made to the highest standards of design and style:

Play Mat

A minimalist and classy hand-woven mat can be a little art piece in your house, Handwoven by four indigenous ladies of Sarawak, this mat will add a beautiful spark for your homely space. The Play Mat is easy to care for. You can just use a damp cloth and soap to clean it.

Sustainable product play mat


BT Recycle bag

We all need a recycle bag designed to fold up small into your bag so you can use it when purchasing something from a store or for buying groceries. Our Recycle Bag serves that very purpose. Specially designed by Bornean artist Artsy Daphy, they come in limited pieces. 

Sustainable product BT Recycle Bag


FEMI Nursery Basket

Spruce up your children’s playroom with FEMI Nursery Basket. This basket is lightweight, allowing for easy rearranging and redecorating. Initially meant to keep those little toys organised and tidy, FEMI is also a multi-purpose basket that can become a stylish potted plants basket, or a laundry basket.

FEMI Nursery Basket


Smart SAN 

These days, sanitisers are life! With Smart SAN, you won’t lose your sanitiser again. Comes with a Lawas-made bead, this multipurpose Clean + Kind sanitiser pouch can be attached to the handles of BT Recycle Bag or any of SUB Tote bags. Strap it around your belt to brighten your look. We suggest getting two, in different colours, to match your different looks.

Smart SAN


SUB Totes

Sporting an exclusive hand-woven print, SUB totes come in different sizes, different handle lengths suitable for all occasions. Choose your pick from Elle, Emma, Elise, Mia or Scarlett, there’s one SUB Tote suiting an individual fashion sense. Durable, fashionable and easy-to-maintain, each SUB tote comes with an inner detachable lining and a chic silk scarf.

SUB Totes

Check out these products in detail at www.borneotalk.com/sub-store

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