5 scary movies to watch on Halloween

It’s Halloween, a day not traditionally ours to celebrate but we do it anyway because it’s… well… fun! While the religious aspects of All Hallows’ Eve are not for all to follow, the Westernised, non-religious aspects of Halloween like costume parties and trick-or-treating have gained footing here in Asia. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 situation, public gatherings and parties are completely out of the question. So what does one do? Come up with Halloween-related activities everyone at home can enjoy. Or you can just binge-watch scary movies! Not sure what to watch? Here’s our pick of 5 scary movies (in no particular order) you can watch on Halloween. Note that these are not necessarily the scariest movies of all time. We just thought these would be cool to watch on Halloween:

1.  Halloween H20 (1998)

Halloween H20 (1998) to watch on Halloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by watching a movie set on Halloween day itself? Why we recommended ‘Halloween H20’? Well, it’s because this particular instalment from the ‘Halloween’ franchise has all the right mix of suspense, drama, comedy, interesting script-writing and not to mention some pretty big names like LL Cool J, Josh Hartnett, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, Michelle Williams, Adam Arkin, and of course main cast member Jamie Lee Curtis starring in the film. Creed’s “What’s This Life For” playing in one of the scenes in the movie brings back memories of an era when everything was cool.


2.  IT Chapter 1 (2017)

IT Chapter 1 scary movies to watch on Halloween

The remake of this 1990 classic based on Steven King’s 1986 horror novel was a huge hit when it hit the theatres back in 2017. Actor Bill Skarsgård did a tremendous job playing the evil clown Pennywise, making the much-feared character appear even more sinister, striking terror in the hearts of both children and adults alike! The ‘Losers Club’ kids also did a very good job, with excellent acting by some truly talented young stars. Highly recommended, especially if you haven’t seen the movie.


3.  The Relic (1997)

The Relic scary movies to watch on Halloween

Movies for Halloween don’t need to be strictly ghosts and ghouls. Monster movies are cool to watch on Halloween too! And 1997’s The Relic is definitely a cool one to watch. It’s about a monster believed to be the legendary South American god Kothoga, that came to the shores of America in a shipment of leaves bearing fungus with mutagenic hormones, that can transform animals and humans into ghastly mutated monsters. That’s about all we can share on The Relic. Do watch it yourself, eh?


4.  The Eye (2002)

The Eye (2002)

This Hong Kong horror starring Angelica Lee and Lawrence Chou is rated among the scariest Asian horror movies of all time. And it should be. Some of the scenes in this movie are definitely hair-raisers. Not to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen this movie, The Eye is about a blind girl who received a cornea transplant and soon realises that she can not only see, but see things beyond the realm of the living. Now, that’s scary!


5.  The Thing (1982)

The Thing (1982)

There ain’t nothing better than to munch on some popcorns while watching John Carpenter’s cosmic horror ‘The Thing’, about a team of researchers in Antarctica who discovered a “thing” in the ice. They soon realise later that the “thing” is a vicious creature not of this world – one that cleverly disguises itself in human and animal form.


There you go… our list of 5 movies you can watch this Halloween. If these don’t suit your fancy, check out one of the titles below instead:

– The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
– Ringu (1998)
– Hereditary (2018)
– It Follows (2014)
– Paranormal Activity (2007)
– The Blair Witch Project (1999)
– Alien (1979)
– The Exorcist (1973)
– The Witch (2015)
– Jeepers Creepers (2001) 

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