5 recipes for your weekend camping

So you’re thinking about going camping one of these weekends. You’ve identified a perfect location just by the river with a nice sandy, stony beach. You’ve got your tent ready, your extra clothes and towels for when you feel a need to take a plunge into the cooling river. You’ve got your portable speaker and your playlist all filled up (ignore this if you’re not looking to let technology get in the way of you and nature). Now all that’s left is food!

When you’re camping, cooking can be a little tricky out in the open, although not impossible. It’s the perfect time to practice your fire-making skills. You can use certain stones as your cooking surface, but if you have doubts about that, it’s best to pack up some small pots and pans as well as utensils. A grill will be ideal.

As for food, it’s best to prepare everything at home beforehand so that all you need to do when you get to you camping spot is to get a fire going, put a pan or grill on the fire and start cooking your food. Not sure what to cook? Here are 5 food you can easily cook at your campsite:

1.  Satay

Skewers are probable one of the easiest foods to cook outdoors. You just put them on the grill, flip them to make sure they cook evenly and voila, you’re done! In the following video, Ah Chan’s Kitchen shows you how to make Malaysian style chicken satay. It does take a bit of work, but all preparations are done at home and skewers are easy to cook and eat!

2.  Cheeseburger

Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? If you think eating one at a restaurant or at home is blissful, try eating one in the outdoors! The following video shows you how to make a delicious beef burger on an open fire. Some of the ingredients can be substituted if unavailable. Have fu with this one!

3.  A-sam

Wanna try something uniquely local? How about chicken rice, Bidayuh style? In the following video, we take a look at how to make a unique Serian Bidayuh style chicken rice cooked in bamboo called A-sam. It’s a complete meal that can be easily prepared and cooked over open fire.

4.  Pansoh

Keeping it local, here’s another simple yet super delicious recipe that can be easily prepared on your camping trip. This one’s chicken cooked in bamboo, the perfect dish to be enjoyed out in the jungle.

5.  Campfire mac & cheese and pasta

Feeling like eating something simple and comforting? Mac & cheese might just do the trick. Follow the recipe in this video for great mac & cheese for you camping meal. Have fun!

There you go… 5 recipes you can try the next time you go camping. Have fun, and remember to stay safe!

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