5 reasons why music makes your life better

What would our lives be like if it weren’t for the existence of stringing melodies, drumbeats and hauntingly beautiful vocals? Absolutely boring. It’s hard to say exactly when music first emerged. What we do know is that music has been around since aeons ago, made using the simplest, most basic instruments including rocks and sticks. Today, music has evolved, thanks to the invention of so many musical instruments that make different sounds and melodies, enabling us to create many different genres. And like it not, music has become a big part of our lives. 

Here are five ways how music makes life better:

music makes your life better


Uplifting songs make you happier

How many of us feet a change in mood whenever an uplifting song comes plays? That is the power of music. Music make us feel a variety of emotions. Joyful music, which typically includes a faster tempo can make us feel euphoric. Pharell William’s ‘Happy’ is testament to this. 


Soothing music helps you relax

Relaxing music is effective at calming down your nerves, making you feel less stressed. Good examples are the Balinese music you hear at spa centres. Even if you take massage out of the equation, just listening to tranquil music with your eyes can greatly reduce your anxiety levels.


Music pumps you up for a workout

Everyone knows starting a workout is hard. But it can be easier the minute you turn on your boombox and blast some power jams. With workout music playing, you tend to stay on track with your cardios or marathons, till the very end.


Music brings people together

There is just something about music that brings us closer to each other. Live musical events such as concerts and festivals are excellent venue for people of different background to interact with one another. Chances are it’s easier to bond over with people when you share similar tastes in music.


Music stimulates creativity

Just by immersing ourselves in a beautiful piece of music can stir up our creativity and stimulate imagination. It feeds your brain with unexpected ideas, solutions and insights. So, the next time you catch yourself in a slump at work, how about listening to some random songs on the radio for that little inspiration?


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