5 reasons why every household needs to have GWS Foodchains Sarawak Pepper

Because it is ‘Sarawak Pepper’

This one needs no explanation really. More than 95% of Malaysia’s pepper exports are the world-renowned Sarawak pepper.

There are three factors why the best pepper comes from Sarawak: the combination of Sarawak’s hilly slopes, Sarawak’s unique soil composition and Malaysia’s tropical climate. These very factors create pepper with a very distinct flavour and aroma. Hence, putting Sarawak pepper on the international spotlight, among other pepper varieties.

All products are steam sterilised

With all the current fear on Covid-19 virus, it is only natural that all of us are taking extreme precaution measures when it comes to hygiene practices. Same goes for our food consumption as well.

According to GWS Foodchains website: “the grains are processed through steam treatment technology to ensure all pathogens have been destroyed and impurities are removed.” So, there is no need to worry about consuming GWS Foodchains pepper products because all of them are steam sterilized, making them absolutely safe for consumption!

Available in most supermarkets in Sarawak

You might just bump into GWS Foodchains pepper on your next grocery-shopping trip while browsing through shelves of spices and herbs, since it is readily available in most major supermarkets in Sarawak:

You are helping the local Sarawakian farmers

GWS Foodchains work closely with local farmers in Sarawak in order to produce only the best, premium quality peppers. In every GWS Foodchains pepper you purchase, you are indirectly doing your part in promoting local fair trade and giving back to the local community. Who would’ve thought that that buying pepper can create a ripple of positive impact in the local community and change the livelihoods of many Sarawakians!

It comes in various options!

Black pepper, white pepper, grain, ground, or coarse, there are plenty of peppery options to choose from. GWS Foodchains peppers come in two sizes: 50g bottle and 200g resealable packaging. Depending on your preference or purpose, you will likely find a GWS Foodchains pepper product suiting your needs.

Plus, got an event coming up and still stuck on what to get as a gift? Don’t think too long and get GWS Foodchains peppers instead. Truly, Sarawak peppers are a practical gift that will be used daily.

For details about GWS Foodchains, head on to https://www.gwsfoodchains.com/
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