5 magical places in Sarawak that will make you go “Wow!”

Sarawak is full of surprises, even for the very people who live in the East Malaysian State itself. For adventure seekers or those who simply need a place to escape from the craziness they face everyday, some of the amazing tourist attractions here might just be what you need to tune everything else out and immerse yourself in their magic! That said, here are five magical places in Sarawak that will make you go “Wow!”.

Tusan Beach

(for the Blue Tears phenomenon)

Head to Tusan Beach past sundown to discover an enchanting gleaming blue shoreline, “painted” by nature’s brilliant artists of the night. The bioluminescent micro-organisms that glow bright blue on the shores of Tusan Beach in the dark of night create some of the most magical scenes here in Sarawak, a natural phenomenon known as Blue Tears. Of course there’s also the breathtaking sunsets at Tusan Beach that make for stunning photos.

Blue Tears at Trusan Beach, SarawakPhoto by Albert Song

Deer Cave

(for the Bat Exodus spectacle)

One of many magnificent caverns found in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely Gunung Mulu National Park, Deer Cave is most known for a little magic that happens every evening as the sun slowly retreats and the nocturnal animals come out to play. Alighting from the cave’s mouth are millions of bats that take to the night skies on their ritual Bat Exodus. It’s a magical marvel you need to experience at least once in your life!

Bat Exodus at Deer Cave, SarawakPhoto source: sneakydetour.com

Tekiwit Waterfall

(for Sarawak’s greatest waterfalls)

If you love waterfalls, this one should top your list! Tekiwit Waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. Fly a drone over it to capture stunning photos and videos of this truly magical set of waterfalls that cascade into a large basin below. Access the waterfall from below and discover views you don’t normally see at any other waterfalls in Sarawak. Truly worth the 6-hour journey by 4×4 from Miri City.

Tekiwit Waterfall at SarawakPhoto source: Wilson Chin

Bengoh Range

(for views you never knew existed here)

Once you’re in the Bengoh Range, you’ll discover views you never knew existed in this part of the world. Take a scenic boat ride from the Bengoh Dam Jetty to the start of the trail that leads you to numerous locations within the range that are just breath-taking. Make your way to Kampung Sting, where everyday life involves waking up above the clouds (wouldn’t you like that?). Along the way, you can make stops at one of the four gorgeous waterfalls. While here, take as many photos as your smartphone can handle.

Bengoh RangePhoto source: [email protected]

WARNING: High possibility of discovering spectacular sceneries!

The Pinnacles

(for the limestone karst formations)

The crème de la crème of this list, The Pinnacles are razor sharp limestone karst formations that create magical views you absolutely must see at least once in your life. Located within Mulu National Park, it is extremely hard to get to but totally worth the effort. If you’re not able to make it to the viewpoint to see The Pinnacles, don’t worry, there are plenty other attractions that are also just as magnificent, such as the Mulu Caves and the remarkable flora and fauna found here.

Photo source: [email protected]

So the next time you’re in need of a little magic to whisk you away to a place where all your stresses cease to exist, pay a visit to one of these magical places that will make you go “Wow!”.

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