5 Korean Fried Chicken Places in Kuching You Need to Try

You’d be lying if you did not drool watching Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok and his dongmu (comrades) grubbing on fried chicken in “Crash Landing On You”. With the entire craze and the various flavours that come with these fried chickens, we totally understand the hype. 

In the recent years, the Kuching foodie scene has seen a number of Korean fried chicken outlets booming like crazy. If you haven’t tried Korean fried chicken before, it’s time to personally experience them yourselves, at these top five eateries specialising Korean fried chicken!


Nene Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken at Nene Chicken

Whether you’re a K-drama geek or not, you’ll instantly know what “Ne… Ne….” means when you hear the phrase spoken out by your favourite on-screen characters. NeNe literally means ‘yes yes’ in Korean language. And that’s right, just like the name suggests, your tastebuds will definitely go ‘NeNe!’ the moment you step into this fast food outlet.

Serving authentic Korean fried chicken since 1999, NeNe Chicken offers eight different flavours for their boneless or mixed chicken parts. If that’s not enough, you can order additional meals like the Nene Nasi Lemak or Nene Kimcheese Wrap. 

Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Click https://www.nenechicken.com.my/#map for locations of Nene Chicken branches and their contact info


BBQ Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken at BBQ Chicken

You’ll probably recognise this brand if you constantly frequent Aeon Shopping Mall. BBQ Chicken serves 11 types of fried chicken with a distinct taste of their own. The secret to their juicy and tender chicken? A 24-hour marinating process using 30 different spices. 

So, be ready to sink your teeth into their Gangnam Style Chicken, Mala Hot Chicken, or Jamaican Grilled Chicken when you dine at BBQ Chicken!

Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Address: Lot S09 2nd floor Aeon Mall 93200, 93200, Min Chu Garden, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact: +60 19 885 1999


Recharge Malaysia

Korean Fried Chicken at Recharge Malaysia

The term Chi-maek (combination of the words “chi”cken & “maek”ju—beer) is not a strange phrase amongst K-drama fans. It is the comfort food of Cheon Song Yi (played by Korea’s Hallyu Star Jun Ji Hyun) when she feels down in the hit K-drama, “My Love From The Stars”.

Good news is that you do not have to fly all the way to South Korea (not that we easily can these days) for a chimaek session. This is because Kuching has a restaurant that specialises in chimaek, and that is Recharge Malaysia. This modern chimaek restaurant offers nine fried chicken flavours in addition to ramyeon, rice, anju (drinking snacks), and various kinds of soju. 

$$, Non-halal
Opening hours: 12pm-1am (Sunday- Wednesday), 12pm-2am (Friday-Saturday), Closed on Thursday
Address: Ground Floor, Sublot 64, Block 11, Saradise 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Contact: +60 16 808 8351


Choo Choo Chicken

Choo Choo Chicken

What’s unique about Choo Choo Chicken is the fact that it is brought in to suit the local Malaysian taste, yet still maintain the authentic Korean Fried Chicken recipe. Choo Choo’s specialty would have to be its Rose Chicken, which you can’t find elsewhere!

Besides that you can also try their Rice Burgers and Army Stew – Choo Choo’s signature Korean hot pot with topokki, tofu, ramyeon, cheese, fish cakes and so much more. 

Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily
Address: G18, S/L 5, Lot 12156, Song Plaza, Jalan Tun Jugah (623.18 mi) Kuching Malaysia, 93350 Kuching
Contact: +60 82 459 365


Pelicana Chicken

Pelicana Chicken

With over 3,000 outlets worldwide, Pelicana Chicken is no stranger in the Korean Fried Chicken food scene. It is said to rank as Korea’s Best Gourmet Fried Chicken. The sauces too come in a wide variety such as original, honey soy, garlic and charcoal. Depending on the level of spiciness that you desire, there is something for everyone here.

Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily
Address: Lot 12171, Sublot 20 Song Plaza, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact: +60 82 528 135

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