5 good habits to practice for a fulfilling life

To be successful in life, one needs to develop a good set of habits from early on in life. The conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to turn a behaviour into a habit. The more committed you are to developing these habits, the more they seem to come naturally and automatically. That being said, here are 5 habits you should put into practice if you’re not already practicing them.


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Have you ever been in a room full of strangers and you don’t know who to start talking to? In this scenario, you’re most likely to start saying “hi” to those with a smile on their face.

The simple act of smiling has incredible powers. Just by smiling, one can trick their brain into lowering their blood pressure and reducing stress hormones, which in turn will boost your overall mood. Smiling helps you radiate a positive energy. Therefore it’s a good habit to be put into practice.


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Saying “Thank You”

Saying “Thank You” is something that we all learn from a young age, that naturally turns into a habit for most people. Saying “Thank You” matters because it lets us build relationships based on compassion and kindness. And it makes us appreciate the blessings we have!

Not only is the act of saying “Thank You” a common courtesy and should be made a regular habit, but these two words have a profound effect on the people around us and how we get by in life. When was the last time you said “Thank You”?


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Remove obstacles

Ever seen those rocks or fallen branches just laying in the middle of the road and causing a diversion? Instead of just driving by them, why not pick them up and move these obstacles somewhere else so that you can help ease the traffic flow and prevent an unwanted accident. It doesn’t cost a thing to move these obstacles out of the way, and is certainly something we should make a habit of.

The same goes with human relationships. If a person you know is currently facing an obstacle in life and you know how to solve that obstacle, or at the very least lessen the burden, do your part to help them because the positivity that we show unto others often does us good.


Respect the environmentphoto source: freepik

Respect the environment

It is crucial to respect the environment at all times as our survival depends on the environment around us. The environment is also constantly changing due to many reasons including deforestation, climate change or water pollution. 

To ensure this wonderful planet remains as liveable for us now as it is for our future generation, start inculcating little habits of respecting the environment such as eliminating single-use non degradable materials, practicing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and turn off the electricity when not in use.


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Be punctual 

Being on time matters a lot. There are many benefits to being punctual. One of it is that being on time will help reduce your stress levels because let’s face it, running late feels extremely stressful. Also, it helps you nurture better relationship with the people around you, as punctuality suggests that you are a person that can be counted on. Even if you have a tendency to be late, try to remind yourself of these benefits so that you can motivate yourself into becoming a more punctual person. 

There you go. Incorporate these little habits into your daily life if you’re not already practicing them. Slowly yet surely, you will notice how these habits help you progress better in life.

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