5 essentials for a successful road trip in the pandemic era

With almost everything coming back to normal, most of us are already making road trip plans to realise our #TravelLater dreams. But before you hit the road, there are many things to consider, such as what to bring on the road.

Keep reading to know what are the essentials for a successful road trip, in this pandemic era.

5 essentials for a successful road trip in the pandemic era

1.  Essential medications 

If you are travelling for an extended period of time to the country side, make sure to bring all the essential medications for a healthy body. Because nobody wants to suddenly fall sick when they’re going on a road trip!

Whether it is motion sickness, cough, fever, diarrhoea, stomachache, you’ll want to get all the necessary medications for these ailments!

2.  Valid documents – licence, police permit, work pass 

With COVID-19 still lingering in the air, we might not know which stops or state lines are guarded with police. With the fluctuating number of daily cases of infections, some states can turn orange or red any day-though we hope they’re always green! 

But… say if you have to pass through a state labelled red, or perhaps a location that is still under the CMCO or EMCO order in Malaysia in order to get to your destination, you’ll have to present valid documents such as police permit or work pass to the police in charge before you’re allowed access into the place. 

Besides driving licence, documents such as legitimate health proof are handy to have because you’ll never know, in this new norm era, rules of entry are changing by the minute.

So be sure to get those stamps of approval and have those necessary documents in advance, just to be safe! 

For more information on the latest CMCO update in Malaysia, check this out: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/553941

3.  Emergency toolbox kit and insurance

Going on a road trip is fun, but it presents a lot of uncertainty. We might already serviced the car, but if your car were to pass through terrible road constructions, and rugged roads, anything can happen. 

You might even encounter unwanted situations that will incur money such bumper falling off due to road impact, or punctured tires. When these happen, having a spare tire and a toolbox in the car will help you get back on the road in no time.  

Whether it is medical or car insurance, having both by your side will help you overcome unwated issues. A car insurance, for example is good because it will put your mind at ease, allowing you to claim for compensation for the damages caused by the road other drivers later.

4.  Handsfree phone mount

Let’s be honest, who can live without their phone nowadays? Nobody! Especially if you are going on a long road trip to a place you’ve never been. 

If 15 years ago people would buy a map before they go on a road trip, nowadays maps are available for free, and can be accessed with a few swipes and taps on your phone.

To make navigation easier, it is best go on a road trip well prepared. In this case, bring a hands free phone mount so you can have a clearer view your navigation route while driving.

5.  Snacks

If you have tried road tripping before, you’ll know that going on a long journey can eventually make you feel sleepy. Keeping your brain and eyes alert for hours can drain up your energy. 

When that happens, be sure to have your snacks on standby. It can be anything, a chocolate bar or bunch of sweets. Sugar is vital for that boost of energy needed to concentrate when you’re on the road.

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