5 easy ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle

COVID-19 dropped like pang. It taught us many things. One particular lesson is that we need to be more eco-conscious in our lifestyle decisions and how much impact they bring to our environment. Here are several ways you can adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle:

5 easy ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestylephoto source: www.indiatvnews.com

1.  Inculcate green habits

Kick-start your eco-conscious lifestyle by getting into the small habits. That means bringing your own grocery shopping bags, replacing disposable cutleries with metal ones, and bringing your own bottles and tumblers to get your coffee fix. 

These little steps certainly will go a long way… Imagine if everybody does this when they visit the mall or their favourite cafés? That’s a whole lot of waste cut down! 


2.  Recycle everything

Whether it is boxes, single-use plastic, papers, egg cartons, toiletry bottles, old rags and shirts, electronics, don’t throw them away!

Segregate and recycle them. Or, you might as well get separate bins for specific items to recycle.


3.  Rethink fast fashion

Buying clothes and treating them as if they are disposable has a huge, negative weight on the environment. Think about it: even if you donate used clothes to charity, a large portion of them – the unused, ripped and torn items – will eventually go into the disposal bin.

Turn those ripped, unused or torn items into an up-cycled masterpiece through methods like crocheting. Or source for stuff that are up-cycled instead. Up-cycling saves energy and cost, as it doesn’t involve breaking down the molecular properties of the item you’re recycling. Plus, up-cycled stuff are really cool. You’ll get one-of-a-kind items with no other duplicates anywhere in the world!


4.  Opt for eco friendly ingredients and sustainable products

Opting for eco-friendly products means that you would get brands that are more transparent with their ingredients. This may mean omitting harsh chemicals in product formulas; not using natural substances that are near to depletion; or organic ingredients that are grown without toxic pesticides. It can also mean choosing biodegradable products that will break down through natural decomposition. 

At the end of the day, it feels extra good when you choose products that are sustainably sourced. Because you know you are contributing to a less wasteful planet.


5.  Practise conservation at home

The word conservation sounds like it needs an entire organisation involved for it to happen. But actually, conservation begins at home – as it should! 

Simple everyday things like turning off the lights when not in use, printing on both sides of a paper, and turning off the tap to conserve water are really helpful in conserving energy. But if you don’t mind to splurge, you can consider investing in alternative battery supplies such as solar panels. Also, in a country that rains most of the time, a rainwater harvesting tank would be great.

Once you incorporate these in your daily life, you’ll definitely get used to them. With that said, let’s start living a cleaner, eco-friendly life right now!

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