5 Christmas tree decoration ideas you will love

Still thinking of a theme for your Christmas tree this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you want to try something different this year besides the classic red, gold and green colour palette, these tree-decorating inspirations are guaranteed to impress your family and friends this season. 


1.  Whimsical Christmas tree

There’s no right or wrong to creating a whimsical Christmas tree. You can make a Christmas tree out of full-on floral arrangements, or a wall art Christmas tree. Your decoration of choice can be anything. It’s all up to your imagination!

But if you prefer a whimsical Christmas tree that’s over the top, ornaments such as oversized candy canes, pom pom blings and baubles of varying sizes will certainly make your tree pop!

2.  A Christmas photo tree 

As Christmas is a time of reunion – even virtually, a Christmas tree personalised with memorable family photos can make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, and strengthen your bond this Christmas.  

It can be photos of past family trips, photos capturing a milestone moment or just photos of family members when they were little. 

What’s sure is that hanging these photos on your Christmas tree will let everyone reminisce on the precious moments throughout the years. Some might even exchange a tale or two, one you might have not even heard of!

You can hang small frames that showcase important moments in your family and dress them up as your tree’s ornaments. Or you can create an alternative Christmas tree that’s 100% made up from family photos. Embellish them with tinsels to add that ‘tree’ effect.

3.  Snow covered Christmas tree

How about a traditional Christmas look this Christmas? Give your Christmas tree that extra festive feel by decorating it full-on white. A snow-dusted Christmas tree will definitely give your home that winter style theme. 

Also, adding a snowman figurine and silver decorative accents to your faux snow-dusted trees will brighten up the look of the tree, and transform your home into a Winter Wonderland!

5 Christmas tree decoration ideas you will love - Snow covered Christmas treephoto source: freepik

4.  Minimalist Christmas tree

If you’d like to take things down a notch this year, it’s time to embrace the “less is more” Christmas tree. Simple, yet classy.

Creating a minimalist Christmas tree setting is hard, especially if you’re used to a lavish tree decoration in the past. If you don’t know what to do, focus only on the essentials. A few strings of simple white lights and snowflakes will give your living room that modern feel.

5 Christmas tree decoration ideas you will love - Minimalist Christmas treephoto source: pinterest

5.  Ombre Christmas tree

Hands down, ombre is stylish if you know how to rock it. Plus, ombre is not only limited to hairstyle. It can also be the look for your Christmas tree!  

Depending on your colour spectrum of choice, you may incorporate ombre on the hanging ornaments and ribbons on your Christmas tree so it will blend well with the overall decorations of your house. From orange to copper to gold, from turquoise to navy, from white to silver to pink, there are all sorts of options that you can play around with.

Ombre Christmas treephoto source: lovelyindeed.com

Your ombre Christmas tree will standing proudly in your room can bring lots of sparkle and joy to your living room space. 

So what’s your Christmas tree theme décor this year?

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