28 Kuching eateries offering deliveries and takeaways during #MCO

Restaurants in Sarawak have suspended their dine-in option momentarily since the #CMCO period and now as we enter another Movement Control Order (#MCO) in their effort to help prevent the spreading of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. But fret not, because many eateries are now offering takeaways and delivery options so we can continue to enjoy great food in the comfort of our home, and worry less about possibly being exposed to the coronavirus.

Some of them are BorneoTalk’s F&B partners, and merchants listed in our BorneoTalk Privilege Card.

Disclaimer: BTcard discounts are applicable for self pick-up only.

(1)   Nandos

Order your favourite PERi-PERi chicken portion of your choice from Nando’s now. Take your pick from their delicious PERi-PERi sauces such as mild, hot and extra hot (we cannot have enough of Lemon & Herb). Make it a combo to enjoy their Sweet Potato Chips with PERInaise.

(2)   Mike’s smokehouse

Mike’s Smokehouse is where all the juicy meats are. Try their tender Signature Smoke House Ribs drizzled with their homemade smokehouse BBQ sauce, or Mike’s classic ribs with their Original Dry Rub. There are also pasta choices including carbonara and bacon aglio olio. (*Non-Halal)

(3)   Pinggai Cafe

When your taste buds are craving for some Sarawakian flavours, Pinggai Café might just hit the spot. The Dayak Char Siew Rice is one worth checking out, including side dishes like Ayam Pansuh and Tempoyak. (*Non-Halal)

BT Privilege Card Discount: 5% off total bill

(4)   Portico Restaurant

Portico is known for serving some of the best Western food in Kuching. With ‘more than enough’ portion sizes, you will not regret ordering their signatures, namely Grilled Lamb Chop and Spaghetti Bolognese Beef. Add to that their wild mushroom soup or fish and chips.

(5)   Kedey Kamek

Stop dreaming of having Nasi Ayam Penyet and call Kedey Kamek to have your cravings satisfied. Other hearty Sarawakian dishes available for delivery are Nasi Goreng Corned Beef Special, Nasi Goreng Kecok Biasa and Laksa Sarawak. Yummy!

BT Privilege Card Discount: 5% off total bill.

(6)   Oinks!

Oinks! is the place to order for those who have an undying love for pork. Its selection of pork specialities includes Classic Pork Chops, Pork Bacon Pizza, Pork Chop Rice, Spaghetti Bolognese with Pork meatballs – you name it!  (*Non-Halal)

BT Privilege Card Discount: 10% off total bill (inclusive alcohol).

(7)   The Raw Kitchen

On the bright side of this COVID-19 outbreak, most of us are starting to be careful about the food and drink we consume. Boost your immune system naturally with fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of cold-pressed juices. Choose Vita-C Booster (pineapple, orange and lemon) when you need a little immunity boost or To The Beet (beet, apple, carrot and lime) for some internal cleansing and recovery.

BT Privilege Card Discount:
•  5% off total bill
•  10% off for 3 days detox programme

(8)   The Table KCH

Want some classic Nasi Campur style meal? The Table provides a straightforward Nasi Campur menu featuring Soy Sauce Chicken, Beef Curry, or Ikan Masin (salted fish) Cabik Limo with sides like spinach, bean sprouts or ulam salad. 

BT Privilege Card Discount:
•  5% off for purchase above RM50
•  10% off for purchase above RM100

(9)   Hilltop House

Hilltop House offers a variety of mouth-watering cuisines ranging from local to Western menu. You can never go wrong with their Kung Pao Chicken Rice or the quintessential Nasi Goreng Kampung. If you’re leaning towards Western cuisine, Crispy Salmon Fillet (pan-seared crispy skin salmon drizzled with dressing of choice, with fresh garden salad and fluffy mashed potato) might pique your interest.

BT Privilege Card Discount: 10% off total bill.

(10)   Al Yemen Restaurant

Craving Arab cuisine? Look no further than Al Yemen Restaurant Kuching. There’s Falafel (deep fried minced chickpeas with coriander, parsley, salad and saj bread), Hummus (delicate blend of chickpeas with tahina and virgin olive oil served alongside saj bread) and Mandy rice served with lamb or chicken. Arab desserts like Baklava and Sesame Dates Truffles are also available for delivery.

BT Privilege Card Discount: 5% off total bill.

(11)   bing! Coffee

bing! Coffee is a go-to chillaxing place for Kuchingites yearning for a good cup of ice blended beverage and tasty brownies. Also providing delivery and take-out options, you can grab bing!’s assortment of sandwiches, beef lasagne or their famed brownie with just a few taps on your smartphone.

BT Privilege Card Discount: 10% off food and beverages.

(12)  NOMS Malaysia

From first selling good grubs out of its ‘NOMS on street’ food truck, NOMS now has restaurants in Kuching. This #MCO period, NOMS is back on the streets, via third-party delivery services like Grab Food and Foodpanda. If you keep thinking about NOMS’ signature burgers and sandwiches, like their Grilled Mac and Cheese with Beef Bacon, and Signature Beefed Out Burger 2.0, go ahead and order them! You know you want to.

BT Privilege Card Discount: RM1 off with every purchase of RM10.

(13)  H!CAA

When was the last time you had bubble tea from H!CAA? We’re guessing a long time ago. Now back in (delivery) business, you can finally savour the people’s favourite H!CAA Crème Cocoa or their H!CAA Crème Signature again! You can also opt for their healthier options like Berries Lemon drink which is made from fresh, real fruits.

BT Privilege Card Discount: 10% off total bill (cash only).

(14)  Le Saigon

Le Saigon offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine that are perfect when you want a change in your daily meals. From noodles, rice, and Vietnamese sandwiches, Le Saigon will deliver them all to your doorstep. Some interesting dishes include Chargrilled Eggplant with Pork & Spring onion, BBQ Chicken & Spring Roll with Rice Noodle, and Vietnamese Rice Paper Salad. (*Non-Halal)

(15)  Chun Yang Tea

Spend time with your family at home over a cup of authentic Taiwanese tea, from Chun Yang Tea. The brand maintains the traditional way of making tea, whereby their teas are filled with purity and freshness. Among the choices of tea to choose from are Pudding Oolong Tea with Fresh Milk and Passion Fruit Green Tea.

BT Privilege Card Discount: 5% off total bill.

(16)  Oishi

Get your sushi fix from Oishi. This Japanese restaurant has an extensive selection of sushi. From the classic sushi rolls, to salmon sashimi, Japanese bento set, Japanese curry rice, ramen and so much more, the options are plenty. If you’re having a party at home, get the party set worth the value! 

BT Privilege Card Discount: 10% off total bill.

(17)  Black Jam

Black Jam offers careful selections of unrivalled Western and local fusion cuisines. A must try is their Salted Egg Softshell Crab Carbonara that is delicious till the last drop. Other fulfilling options available from Black Jam are Daun Ubi Fried Rice, Grilled Lamb Burrito and Pulled Pork Burger. (*Non-Halal)

(18)  I-Café

This eatery is famous for its nyonya-style Mee Siam. Another menu that is certainly worth the try and is perfect to share with the whole family is their Assam Fish, which is absolutely delicious! Place your order if you are in the mood for these and other delicious, affordable home-style local dishes like Foochow ‘Char Chu’ Mee and Tomato Mee.

(19)  Thumb’s Chicken

If you’re craving for some fried chicken, try Thumb’s! A local outlet that specialises in American-Asian style fried chicken, their Thumbs Signature menu lets you choose from 3 pieces of chicken, up to 12 pieces. It comes in two flavours: sambal syiok or signature soy garlic. If that’s not enough, their rice boxes, or assortment of Lim Cha fruit juices we recommend Peachy Mango.

(20)  Bumbu Cabe

Famous for selling Sundanese cuisine from West Java (Bandung), Bumbu Cabe is a treat for those who love spicy food. For the best combo, try their Nasi Liwet Ayam Bakar paired with Soda Gembira. Dendeng Daging, which is slice beef stir fried with herbs is a popular menu there as well!

(21)  The Kimbap Restaurant

The Kimbap Restaurant

Caught yourself drooling over those delicious Korean food after binging on some K-dramas? The Kimbap has the solution for you! Serving authentic Korean food, there’s Cheese Buldak, all sorts of kimbap and bibimbap, topokki, Samgyetang and so much more!

(22)  Laksa Dewi, Fuyu Café

Laksa Dewi, Fuyu Café

You can now get the locals’ favourite Sarawak laksa by Laksa Dewi, delivered straight to your house. Other than Laksa Sarawak, they also sell Laksa Pattaya or Belacan Bee Hoon.

(23)  Tusan Ice Cream

Sometimes we just want to have some good old ice blended or milk shakes… Then how about some coconut shake from the local homegrown brand Tusan Ice Cream? You can buy their coconut shake topped with your sauce of choice: gula apong, caramel, strawberry, wheatgrass, sago or chocolate. Or you can try other shakes like mango, red tea and Avocado smoothie.

(24)  Sadiqin Lim Kampua

Sadiqin Lim Kampua

Hands down one of the best (if not the best) halal Sibu-style kampua and mee sua in Kuching. Depending on your preference, you can get Kampua Sos (with chilli), Kampua Manis (sweet) or Kampua Masin (salted). They sell wonton too!

(25)  Nasi Lemak Ganja

Nasi Lemak Ganja

This nasi lemak is as addictive as it sounds. This outlet at Kubah Ria sells the normal nasi lemak complemented with crunchy fried chicken, and variants of nasi lemak. You can opt for prawn sambal, cockles sambal, calamari sambal, or beef rendang, to name a few of its options.

(26)  Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh

Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is a great warm stay-home meal. In Kuching, you can get a soupy-based Bak Kut Teh, or a dry one delivered home from Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh. They also sell all sorts of milk tea too!

(27)  Café Café

Café Café

Café Café is known for serving unique Asian fusion food in substantially large portions. Their Tomato & Cincalok Fried Rice and Mee Mamak are heavenly! Western delights like Grilled Lamb Chop with Mint Vinaigrette, and Fish and chips are also available for order.

Don’t miss out the chance to order from Café Café and enjoy a 30% discount on all self pick-up orders from its takeaway menu, at all branches in Sibu and Kuching!

(28)  GSC


Planning for a movie night at home? Then you’ll need some popcorns! Luckily, GSC now offers delivery service for their famous caramel popcorn and other hot snacks like goldie horn, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Yum!

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