10 Nostalgic Memories that Makes One Uniquely Malaysian!

Malaysia Day is a happy day for all of us. It is the day Malaysia was formed via states in Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and formerly Singapore. So, what better day to reminisce on the good memories of what being a Malaysian truly if not today.  Without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall all unique things and stories that make us appreciate being a Malaysian!

1.  The best part of Sports Day is when the Milo truck arrives!

Who agrees that Milo tastes best from the truck? 

The sad thing is that you can only get it once ☹ Anybody managed to cheat the Milo people and get it twice? 

Credit: www.asiaone.com

2.  The race to fill in Program Nilam book

Aaahhh… Program Nilam, the book that we all scramble to fill till the end of the cover, with hopes to gain prizes (and show off) from the school at the end of the year. 

Some even managed to buy the second Program Nilam book, and stapled both of them together—admit it, you’re jealous of the nerd who does this!

3.  Biodata book – the real deal before social media.

Kids of Gen Zs, before the existence of Friendster, Facebook and Tik Tok, Malaysians connected with each other was… through the biodata book filled with details like addresses, birthday, favourite colours and quotes from our friends (and our secret crushes). 

Who remembers your best friend’s house phone number because of the biodata book?

Precious memories of the past - biodata book

4.  Multifunctional pencil case and Pilot mechanical pencil—certified #richkid in school

Kids these days may flaunt their iPads with the pencil, but back in those days… having multi-functional pencil cases and Pilot mechanical pencils already “cop” you as the ‘cool kid’ 

Plus, has anybody lost their Pilot mechanical pencil before? T-T 

Credit: Clutch Situation

5.  Chasing after Uncle Roti ice-cream

Remember the times when we would drop everything we’re doing (sometimes in the middle of the shower huhu) just to chase after the ice cream uncle outside our house? 

Good times.

Credit: says.com

6.  Having Ramly burger late at night

What McDonalds? Don’t know her. 

Credit: says.com

7.  Birthday celebration at fast food outlets 

We all didn’t want much…

Just a birthday celebration at Sugarbun, A&W or KFC, together with the mascots. Hehe.

8.  Joining in the long queue the night before petrol price increases

Seems like this was just yesterday..

10 Nostalgic Memories that Makes One Uniquely Malaysian!Credit: cj.my

9.  Attempts to redraw the star in Jalur Gemilang flag 

…because that part is always the hardest

10 Nostalgic Memories that Makes One Uniquely Malaysian!Credit: www.submerryn.com

10.  Pray athletes win gold medals so we can claim extra #publicholiday

We may have our fair shares of disagreements, but if there’s one thing that Malaysians are united in (besides fighting for Nasi Lemak as the national pride whenever X country claimed it too), it is demanding for public holiday whenever the country striked gold in anything.

..you’d be lying if you say you asked “Got public holiday ah?” when this happened. Hehe.


Happy Malaysia Day!

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