10 essentials to bring on your next camping trip

Let’s face it… Packing for a camping trip is not the same as packing for a vacation in the city or the beach. They’re totally different. And whether it is a last-minute camping trip, or you’ve planned it long ago, it’s easy to forget the most important items. We’ve prepared a guide on last minute camping essentials that can help you shorten those prep time and reduce that pre-camping stress:

1.  Tent

As shelter is one of human’s basic needs, you will need a temporary shelter in the jungle. In the case of camping, something that is easily set up is none other than a tent. Also, a tent is definitely better than a sleeping bag, because it gives you privacy and protects you from hazards and wild animals.

2.  Sleeping bags

If you have tents, then a sleeping bag would not be necessary. But if you are an adventurous camper and have the ability to sleep anywhere, a sleeping bag can keep you warm while you’re sleeping in the great outdoors. Moreover, it will cushion your body a little bit too!

10 essentials to bring on your next camping trip

3.  Water bottle

You will be walking, trekking, and maybe climbing a lot especially if your camping trip involves several days’ excursion. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated. Carrying a water bottle always will help you maintain a healthy hydrated body. 

These days, there are all types of water bottles for those who are planning to go camping.  Whether the bottle comes with straw lid, collapsible cups, its own filter, unique spout lid, the choices are plenty!

10 essentials to bring on your next camping trip

4.  Compass

No doubt that phones these days are ultra-sophisticated that some even have a built in compass. But if you are going on a few days’ camping trip, it’s best for you to bring an actual trusty old compass. 

You won’t know if your power bank will go flat any minute. So if you’re deep in the jungle and have no knowledge on how to get back, a compass would be of great help.

essentials to bring on your next camping trip

5.  Pocketknife

Your pocketknife is your survival tool in times of emergency. The little pocketknife is a trusty tool that can be used to cutting ropes, skinning fishes, and even split firewood. 

Plus, a pocketknife does not even take space in your bag!


6.  A good head lamp or flashlight

Without a good light source, it can be tough being in the wild darkness. 

Depending on your preference, a headlamp is a good option if you want to go hands free. This can be quite handy during activities like hiking excursion or simply cooking. If you don’t have a headlamp, a flashlight will come in handy.

P/s: Make sure it has enough battery to power you throughout your excursion!

A good head lamp or flashlight

7.  Proper camping attire

One thing that’s worth keeping in mind is the fact that camping is not a fashion show. It’s all about comfort and practicality. 

The right clothing makes a big difference to your overall camping experience. It lets you enjoy your trip to the fullest, protects you from insect bites and prepares you for a cooler or rainy day. 

With so many options in the market now, breathable materials are smart options when it comes to camping gear.

Proper camping attirephoto source: www.eurekacamping.com

8.  Camping chairs

Out of all the equipment that you can’t do without when camping (besides a tent), a camping chair is the one. 

A light, foldable, easy-to-use camping chair can give you the comfort to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Believe us, you do not want to be sitting on a rock after hours of trekking in the woods!

Camping chairs

9.  First aid kit, medical supplies, and personal care products

A camper must be prepared for the cuts, burns and scrape, minor ones. Because anything can happen when you go camping! 

To make it easier to cope with minor accidents and injuries, basic first aid kit supplies such as tweezers, bandages, antibiotic cream, painkiller are important to have in your basic first aid kit. 

Plus, in this new norm era, it is important to always have a sanitiser by your side. If you do not have a sanitiser pouch yet, the stylish SUB Smart SAN would be your backpack’s best companion! It also comes in various colours and patterns. 


Other important personal care products include sunscreen and insect repellent.

10.  Rope 

Rope has plenty of uses for a camping experience in the forest. You can make a clothesline from it to dry your wet clothes, tow several people into the direction you want, and navigate a challenging terrain with it.

So be sure to pack a rope in your backpack before you embark into the great outdoors!


Now that you’re all set, let’s go camping!

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