Sibu is definitely the place to visit this year. Plenty of events have been held and more are scheduled to take place here in Swan City for its year-long Visit Sibu Year 2017 campaign.

For those who are into sports and active outdoor activities, Sibu has several of them in store. Just recently the town played host to the Borneo International Remote Control Power Boat Tournament, an exciting RC boat racing event first held in the year 2000. This year’s race was a special one as it was held in conjunction with the Visit Sibu Year 2017.


Jointly organised by Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) and Sibu Remote Control Sports Club, the 2017 Borneo International Remote Control Power Boat Tournament attracted 169 participants and 614 boats, in seven different categories and team events. They include participants from as far as Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia.

This year’s event was also extra special as it saw the organisers breaking the previous record for most number of remote control race boats in a single event, securing them a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records.

One of the special categories featured in the tournament was the Unity Sportsmanship Challenge, that offered RM3,000 cash prize sponsored by Second Finance Minister Dato Seri Wong Soon Koh. The fees collected from this category were donated to the Sibu Autistic Association. The Unity Sportsmanship Challenge was aimed at having foreign participants leaving with fond memories of Sibu so they may share those memories with their friends back home. It was also aimed at fostering the spirit of sportsmanship among international participants and having them leave with a sense of satisfaction, even if they did not win in any class or category. Finally, the challenge allowed for great fun while doing some charity at the same time.

Sibu Remote Control Sports Club’s Peter Ling said the participants really enjoyed themselves and said that they would bring more people with them the next time they come to Sibu.

He expressed hope of making Borneo International Remote Control Power Boat Tournament an event of true international standards the next round. He also hoped that a new record could be set, with 800 to 1,000 boats to surpass the current record of 614 RC boats.

What’s Next?


Coming up on Sept 16, 2017 is the Sibu Marathon, hosted by SMC and organised by City Jogger’s Club. Aimed at raising Sibu’s profile internationally, enhance health consciousness and sharpening potential runners in running sports, the marathon will have four categories, namely 42km full marathon, 21km half marathon, 10km race and 5km run.

Besides having participants working up a sweat, it will also be a great way especially for those from outside of Sibu, including foreign runners to see Sibu Town as they make their way through the designated routes.

Hear The Engines Roar

In December, the roaring of big bike engines will fill the air in Sibu as the annual Sibu Bike Week returns to Swan City. Organised by Razz Chopper Malaysia, the 2017 edition of the bike week will see a gathering of hundreds if not thousands of big bikers as well as members of the public with keen interest in high powered motorbikes at the Sibu Town Square.

The 7th Sibu Bike Week, which will be held from Dec 8 to Dec 10, will see more than just a large group of people riding their fancy big bikes around. Many activities have been lined up to keep things interesting, including live entertainment, bike related games and contests, tattoo show, gathering of cars and a whole lot of other surprises.

Not forgetting of course the annual Miss Sibu Bike Week, which will be held in conjunction with the bike week itself.

Explore Sibu

While you are here in Sibu for these and other events, take the opportunity to explore the town itself. Perhaps it’s a good idea to allocate another two or three days or better yet a week, to discover what Sibu has to offer.

Travelling to Sibu has definitely become more convenient for everyone, thanks to cheaper airfares offered by low cost airlines. But for locals, especially those in the upper reaches of the Rajang River, riverine travel via express boat is still the way to go.

Sibu Express Wharf Terminal, located on Khoo Peng Long Road, remains busy today with passengers travelling between Sibu and places like Kapit, Mukah, Tanjung Manis etc. And it is a great place to visit if you’d like to catch a glimpse of how things are at one of Sibu’s busiest transportation hubs. The terminal is always busy, especially on weekends. During special occasions, the number of passengers at the terminal can reach thousands.

Interesting to see at the terminal are the express boats that look like planes without the wings and tail. Not only are these locally built boats fast and efficient, they also hold up to over 80 people at a time. Even better if you could buy a ticket and hop in for a ride in one of these unique boats to nearby towns, for a full experience of how folks around these parts travel to and fro.


Sibu is home to the largest concentration of public parks in Malaysia, befitting its objective to become the Garden City of Sarawak. Among many beautiful parks found here, Bukit Aup Jubilee Park located 12 kilometres from Sibu town centre, sits high above all else.

The park is a 24-acre cluster of low hills and was once a place of worship for the local folks. In fact, it is still visited by Iban folks who continue to practice the old ways. They consider Bukit Aup to be a sacred dwelling place of the spirit of Naga Bari, a beautiful Iban princess who they believe can provide help to those who need it. During their visit to Bukit Aup, these folks would perform a traditional offering ritual known as ‘miring’ to seek help from Naga Bari.

Sibu Municipal Council developed the area in two phases beginning in 1990. The park was completed in July 1997 at a cost of RM7 million. Its prominent feature is an observation tower located on top of the park’s highest point. From there, visitors can enjoy sweeping views of surrounding areas, including sprawling plantations and the mighty Igan River.

Other notable features of the park include the Naga Bari pool (believed to be where the princess bathes), jogging/walking trails, a suspension bridge that crosses a small pond an amphitheatre and a camping ground just to name a few.

Bukit Aup Jubilee Park is the winner of the National Landscaping Competition for Public Parks in 1998 and is definitely worth the visit when you’re here in Sibu.

If you have more time to spare, make it a point to visit Bawang Assan. Located some 40 minutes either by boat or by road from Sibu Town, it is an Iban village comprising nine longhouses that are home to roughly 200 families.

Bawang Assan is also home to the first Methodist Iban Church in Sarawak. Located by the river, the church is worth a quick visit when you’re at the village.

These are just some of the things you can experience when you are here in Sibu. There are many more to be discovered so come on down to Swan City

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