The coastal city of Miri lies 496 miles northeast of Sarawak’s capital Kuching and is the second largest city in the State. It borders Brunei Darussalam and is a short flight away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The city’s modern landscape reflects its rapid development through the decades, following the discovery of an oil field in the early 1900s.


Miri - Resort City, is a pleasant city to visit. Its sandy beaches offer a perfect getaway for families, friends, visitors and tourists. One of the most popular beaches is Tanjung Lobang Beach, which offers a perfect opportunity to catch that picture-perfect sunset. For those who want to have a bit of fun, Lutong Beach offers exciting activities like paragliding and paramotor sports. Other famous beaches are Tusan Beach and the absolutely picturesque Hawaii Beach. Further offshore, Miri Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park is home to splendid coral reefs and their colourful array of sea creatures. Another popular place for sunsets is the famous Luak Bay Esplanade, located 11km south of Miri city centre. Its white sandy beach invites you for a leisurely stroll. Families and friends will find it to be a perfect spot for a weekend getaway, where picnics, barbecues and leisure sports are just some of the activities possible.

Adventures Abound


When you’re in Miri, there’s just no end to adventures; a trip to Lambir Hills National Park, less than two hours away by road, is ideal for nature lovers. Here, they can relax in the cool waters of the cascades amidst a lush tropical rainforest. Gunung Mulu National Park, about half an hour by plane, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that simply must be seen and experienced. Vast caves with spectacular limestone formations and unique cave life, bats in their millions making their ascent into the night sky to forage for food in the jungle, and crystal clear waters running through the caves. They are all part of the wonders of Gunung Mulu Park. Loagan Bunut National Park, located approximately 120km from Miri City, is said to be the largest natural lake in these parts and reduces to about half its size during the drought season. Two hours drive from the city, Niah Cave National Park is worth a visit, with an immense archaeological significance in its history. The Grand Old Lady on Canada Hill is Malaysia’s first oil well. Sitting next to it is a new petroleum museum that showcases the history of the oil industry.

More To See And Do

Miri also appeals to people who are into the arts. Handicrafts and artworks unique to the ethnic tribes of Sarawak are displayed at the Handicraft Centre in the city, which is a must visit for first-time travellers here. The annual Borneo Jazz Festival showcases bands from all over the world, attracting a huge crowd to Miri City. Be entertained by ethnic dancers and performers in their colourful costumes and sample their traditional dishes at the annual City Day Parade.

Avid golfers will find the courses here to be up to their satisfaction. Set amidst beautiful natural surroundings, the golf courses here also boast full amenities in their clubhouses. You may also opt to ride around the city and other nearby towns if that is what you prefer to do.

Come enjoy the city and be part of the festivities planned for Visit Miri Year 2018! You’ll always be our VVIP, and surprises are waiting for you!

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