Federal Territory of Labuan in pictures

Sandwiched between the state of Sabah and neighbouring country Brunei Darussalam, the Federal Territory of Labuan is an island of around 80,000 people. Measuring 95 square-kilometre, driving around the island takes a mere one or two hours with no stops along the way.

During our recent visit to Labuan, on which we were invited by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports Sarawak, we visited some of many attractions that make Labuan an ideal tourism hotspot.

Papan Island
Enjoy the sea breeze, admire the view and partake in various activities at Papan Island, just five minutes away by boat from the main island of Labuan. Once you’re there, chances are you wouldn’t want to leave.
Labuan Marine Museum
The Labuan Marine Museum holds an impressive collection of marine life typically found in Labuan. Preserved specimens and replicas of various sea life as well as diving gear and artefacts from shipwrecks are also on display here.
Chimney Information Centre
Besides admiring the mysterious 32.5-metre chimney, visitors to the Chimney Information Centre get to learn about the mining history of Tanjung Kubong, where the centre is located.
Patau Patau Water Village
This village is a collection of wooden houses on stilts. Many of the houses here are decorated with colourful flowers that thrive in small pots, creating a beautiful and relaxing ambience.
Labuan Bird Park
The park is home to numerous bird species, including the majestic Grey Crowned Crane pictured here. Other interesting species include hornbills and Brahminy Kite.
World War Memorial
The memorial is the largest of its kind in Malaysia and is a resting place for 3,908 Australian, British, Punjab, New Zealand and local soldiers who lost their lives during WWII.