Some 30 kilometres northeast of Bintulu town centre lies the 8,996-hectare Similajau National Park, home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. It was gazetted as a park in 1976 to protect the area and its precious wildlife. To get there, visitors need to either take a 30-minute taxi ride from Bintulu town centre or by speedboat from Bintulu Wharf. The latter is recommended if you are feeling a bit more adventurous.

Visitors must register at the Park HQ before entering the park. Those who wish to do professional video or photo shooting in the park must request for a permit from the Park HQ beforehand.


Similajau National Park is frequented, especially on weekends for its many attractions, including sandy beaches that disappear into the pristine waters of the South China Sea. The sand climbs up to small rocky headlands at some parts and a seemingly impenetrable rainforest with thick vegetation. Other attractions include Selunsur Rapids and Selubong Pools. These are accessible via colour coded trails. The main trail takes visitors to viewpoints from which they can enjoy stunning sights.


The park is a sanctuary in which 24 recorded mammal species thrive. If you are lucky, you might spot some macaques, banded leaf monkeys, gibbons or even the barking deer, with its peculiar looking horns and small fangs. Birders will be happy to know that there are almost 190 species of birds recorded at the park thus far. The park is known to be home to two crocodile species - the saltwater crocodile that lives in large rivers and near river mouths, and the false gharial, which feeds on fish and poses no threat to humans. Visitors are advised to look out for crocodile warning signs placed at certain areas in the park.

Five species of dolphins can also be spotted here especially between March and September (bottlenose, pantropic spotted, Indo-pacific humpback, finless porpoise and Irrawaddy dolphin). Head to Golden Beach or Turtle Beach, where green turtles come ashore to nest. Horseshoe crabs are also among the unique species that can be spotted on the beaches here. Despite the xenomorph-like appearance of these peculiar creatures, they are quite harmless.

For visitors wishing to stay a night or two, accommodation is available at the Park HQ. A camp site with barbecue pits is also available. Prior booking is advised, especially for visits during weekends and holidays to avoid disappointment.

For more information, please contact Bintulu resident office

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