Top 5 Vegetarian Meals for a Healthy Lunch at Beyond Veggie

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is the answer to Sarawak’s vegetarian needs. Cooked meals using the freshest ingredients and natural produce ensure you’re getting the healthiest option, whatever you order. No colouring or preservatives are used in any of the preparation.

Even if you’re not vegetarian, the creative use of soy beans, tofu and mushrooms to replace meat means you maintain your protein intake without compromising on great taste!

Here’s our top 5 recommendations when you’re looking for something different from the usual kolo mee or laksa!

Spicy petai sambal fried curd cutlets.
For authentic kampung cooking, try the hearty and mildly spicy petai sambal fried curd cutlets. These little cutlets are crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside – it’s so moreish that they all disappeared after it arrived at our table!

Beyond Veggie Fried Rice
Probably the healthiest fried rice you’ve ever tasted. Beyond Veggie’s Fried Rice manages to enhance the flavour with a medley of colourful vegetables on the plate. Served with koropok (deep fried cracker) and a bean curd cutlet skewer, it’s a perfect lunchtime meal.

Spaghetti Carbonara
For a piece of little Italy try the Spaghetti Carbonara. Al dente pasta with creamy sauce and topped with crispy fried Shiitake Mushroom pieces with asparagus on the side is the ideal primo dish to keep you content until dinner!

Ah, the old classic pizza! Perfect for sharing, It’s an easy choice if you’re not sure what to have, but Beyond Veggie have you covered with a variety of toppings to keep things interesting and tasty! We love the pesto & mushroom pizza! Buon cino!

Bento Set
If you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch, try the Bento set with six mains to choose from accompanied by spinach soup and three additional sides. With a side of rice, this is the most complete and balanced option – affordable and healthy!

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