The fitness fad in today’s age involves people subscribing to gyms and visiting fitness centres to lose weight and gain muscle mass. However, fitness is much more than a slender body and a muscular physique.

Health is a gift. Yet so often we take it for granted and place health at the bottom of our priority list. That is until we lose it. Health is wealth. A cheesy cliché, but what good are millions of Ringgit if you are bed-ridden?

Located at Stampark in BDC Stampin, Kinesis Wellness is committed to building a fitness culture in Kuching. A culture where the young value health above Ringgit and Sen. A culture where the elderly stay active and age gracefully.

As we need good schools to promote the learning culture, we need a good fitness centre to promote the fitness culture. A fitness centre that is designed with people of all ages in mind, no matter their fitness condition. A fitness centre that sets itself apart from all else, Kinesis emphasises on creating an environment that is safe and welcoming.

The two-floor Kinesis Wellness boasts medical-grade TechnoGym fitness equipment. TechnoGym is the leading company in the fitness and wellness sector and has been the official equipment supplier to six Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For beginners, the Easy Line equipment utilises Hydraulic Resistance Piston Technology instead of weight bars as resistance. This allows easier control over your workouts while minimising the risk of injury.

For workout veterans, the Kinesis range of equipment employs a FullGravity Technology to provide 3D full freedom of movement with resistance. This is ideal for workouts targeting a specific muscle group.

At the core of the fitness culture is the community, like-minded individuals that nurture and support each other.

Kinesis members work out together, play together and celebrate festivals together. Our certified fitness instructors, part of Kinesis membership, are always ready to provide guidance and assistance, including designing individual workout plans.

What is in a gym membership? A commitment to the fitness culture. A link to a greater community. A promise to better self.

Kinesis Wellness Stampark
Lot 5534,Block Kcld,Jalan Stutong,
Taman Satria Jaya Bdc Stampin,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
+6082 578 277