There’s plenty of reasons why increasingly many Sarawakian have taken a liking to Japanese cuisine. For one, they are just as delicious to eat as they are strikingly beautiful to look at. There are many varieties to choose from as well, and often Japanese food is made using the freshest ingredients. Most important of all is the fact that they are healthy.


Ingredients like fresh salmon and tuna are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and are a great source of protein. Soy-based products like soy sauce and tofu can help cut down the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Green tea, which is commonly served with every Japanese meal, is rich in antioxidants. These and other benefits make Japanese food some of the healthiest around. And with Sarawakian getting more health-conscious, it’s no surprise that Japanese restaurants, especially sushi joints, are a big hit here.


Located at Kuching Central Land District, Oishi has grown to become one of Cat City’s most wellregarded Japanese restaurants. With owner and itamae (sushi chef) Max Bong at the helm, Oishi has been delighting customers with some of the best dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun. Their menu includes varieties of sushi and sashimi, mouth-watering maki including their popular Dragon Maki, tempura, bento boxes, healthy salads and plenty others. Special off-themenu dishes are offered every two or three months, so diners will always find something new to try.

Oishi has also introduced new dishes including Kaisen Kaminabe (seafood soup in paper pot), Asari Yasai (Clam) Soup, Kushiyaki (salmon belly skewers), Unagi fried rice, Ebi Harumaki and the decadent Wagyu Beef Sushi (three days advanced order recommended). Tired of the same old party food? Impress your guests with Oishi’s party takeaways. Simply call the restaurant to place your order and you’re all set! Contact Oishi for more information on their menu, ‘today’s specials’ or to make bookings.

Oishi Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor, Lot 3081,
Block 10, Kuching Central Land District,
93200, Kuching, Sarawak
T: +016 713 2991
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Oishi 居酒屋