September 24, 2017
Kampung Annah Rais / Kampung Temurang / Kampung Danu / Kampung Gitsungai

Sungai Sarawak Kiri, which runs along the Padawan area, provides a refreshing rafting experience for participants at the annual Padawan Raft Safari. The event organised by Padawan Municipal Council, is one of the State’s top tourism draws, attracting participants from far off places. It takes contestants on a three-and-a-half-hour journey through pristine wilderness and a winding river, with water so cooling you’ll be tempted to dive right in. They will also have to brave through wild rapids, where their skills and endurance will be put to the test.


This year’s Padawan Raft Safari will take place on Sept 24. Starting point will be Kampung Annah Rais, and onwards through Kampung Temurang, Kampung Danu and finally Kampung Git. The best thing about the safari is that contestants will be braving all these obstacles on bamboo rafts and kayaks! So contestants best be ready for some splish-splashy fun. Also the scenery along the way will be no less than stunning. That’s a definite plus especially for nature lovers.


Besides the race itself, visitors to the Padawan Raft Safari can expect a series of entertainment programmes during the event. There will also be sale of souvenirs, food and beverages.

Come be part of Padawan Raft Safari 2017 for an exciting river adventure amidst nature. Or bring your friends and family to see who makes it to the finish line first and enjoy everything else the event has to offer. In addition to that, visitors can also explore many other attractions in the Padawan area. There are plenty of Bidayuh Homestays in villages like Kpg Annah Rais, Kpg Benuk and Kpg Semadang. Nature lovers can go trekking at Kpg Temurang, where one can find the world’s largest flower - the Rafflesia, or see Orang Utans at Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Borneo Highlands Resort is a mountain resort where one can tee off at a beautiful golf course with a breath-taking natural surrounding. The resort also presents an opportunity for birding enthusiasts to discover various species of birds.

For more information, contact Cr. Paul Akiu (+6010 967 8303), Elizabeth Loh (+6013 880 6012), Dilop Jina or Kho Ai Mei of the Padawan Municipal Council at +6082 615 566, fax to +6082 311 832 or email to [email protected] or log on to