Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2017
October 14, 2017. Fairy Cave, Bau, Kuching, Sarawak

Get ready for an adventure through the untamed wilds of Western Borneo. The Sarawak Adventure Challenge returns for another year of multi-sport adventure racing that takes contestants through Sarawak’s pristine rainforests, rivers and cave systems.

The 2017 edition of the Sarawak Adventure Challenge will take place on Oct 14 at the Fairy Cave in Bau, located 43 kilometres from Kuching city centre. That’s about an hour’s drive, give or take a few minutes. Contestants may opt for the Transfer Option as well. This gives them the convenience of departing with the rest of the contestants from The Marian boutique lodging house, located in the city centre.

This year’s Sarawak Adventure Challenge is themed ‘The Lost Mines’, which is inspired by the mining history of Bau. The trails and access routes on which the contestants will race take them past some historical landmarks including Lucky Hill mine and one of Bau’s most famous attractions namely the Blue Lake. The trails themselves are steeped in history.

Contestants will start by running over 2 kilometres of flat terrain before they arrive at the mountain bike section. From there, they will switch to mountain biking, riding a distance of 35km past a variety of terrains. These include old mining trails that cut through limestone mountains surrounding Bau town, trails covered with wild vegetation, local farmlands, oil palm access roads, local villages, and a new trail that will require the contestants to hike with their bike, cross streams and perform some difficult technical descents.

The trail will bring the contestants to a transition area where they will proceed to a 14.5km trail run. The run, which starts in a small village, will take them along an old mining trail established in the late 1800’s, past farms, jungle, streams and rivers, as well as an old suspension bridge and an oil palm plantation. And then it’s back on the bike along a 6-kilometre mountain biking trail before contestants cross the finish line. Meanwhile, the Cave Run will take contestants 20 to 30 minutes through natural cave passages. This will definitely be quite an adventure.

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