"Make Bintulu A Beautiful City” is the theme for Bintulu Townhall 2017’s ongoing campaign. A multifaceted movement, all are encouraged to contribute towards building Bintulu up as a prime example for cleanliness and urban preservation to all Sarawakians. The sentiment has long been held by the majority of residents who witness daily the negligence and indifference of many people towards the environment. BDA’s General Manager, Rodziah bt. Haji Morshidi has spoken about the social ills prevalent in our communities that lead to a dirtier town to live in.

One such issue is public littering. We all have seen people carelessly throw wrappers out of their car window, or empty packaging on the floor. More sympathy would be afforded if no refuse bins were available. However, there is a high level of littering happening in public areas and on our residential properties. As part of “The AntiLitter Bug” campaign, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) received surveys from residential properties and acknowledged the lack of bins at homes and condominiums. Instructions on how to order a bin were provided via BDA’s website. Furthermore, information on proper etiquette for keeping refuse that is awaiting collection has been distributed in flyers and is available online.

Rodziah noted that an effective deterrent to littering is the use of social media. Capturing public offenders in the act and posting their offence online highlights the disregard for our environment. It also gathers the local community around the common cause of keeping our environment clean and healthy.

Minister of Utilities Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom spoke at the Bintulu Tanglung Festival 2017 and urged all residents to treat Bintulu as their hometown. The message was aimed specifically towards non-locals who live and work in Bintulu, but the same disposition was extended to all Sarawakians to uphold.

A positive and proactive step to enhancing Bintulu’s beauty was the Bintulu Mural Art competition held between Aug 31 and Sept 3 held at Paragon Street Mall, organised by FORCA’s Senior Citizen Section and Bintulu Development Authority. The theme, artists were given was “Present and future Bintulu”. Crafting their interpretations on 4' x 8' Plywood Mural, over two dozen competitors put forth their creative pieces. Team Mango were the competition’s winners, where constituent artists Ling Koh Yong’s and Ling Shin Yi’s composition thoughtfully had elements of present day Bintulu blending with potential future. A young boy positioned as the centrepiece looks skywards, with the iconic Bintulu clock tower bending to represent the shift in time. A large butterfly symbolises the Taman Butterfly gardens, which is coupled with beautiful flowers in the bottom corner to reflect the botanical beauty. This present scene is set with a futuristic backdrop flooded with neon skyscrapers, a glimpse into the potential development of Bintulu.

Another mural project involved BDA partnering with artists Dean R and Amey Sheikh Ali with contributions from fellow artist Twenty Fifth. Project director Mohd Amir Firdaus and Assistant Project Director Misnie Binti Samsudin worked together with Dean and Amey on transforming a rocky outcrop in front of Masjid Assyakirin into their project The Hill of Unity. With the aim of conveying “Together We Make Bintulu better”, a largescale permanent outdoor mural was painted and sprayed to display the flora and fauna diversity of Malaysia. Additionally, awareness of preserving our environment was raised through art.

Littering damages our biodiversity irreparably, as abandoned plastics that make their way into our rainforests ruin the ecosystems. Whilst Bintulu is developing phenomenally, we must also not neglect maintaining our beautiful land. Citizens of all ages and backgrounds were involved in these artistic projects raising awareness, serving as a true example that this responsibility lies with all generations.

To find out more about how you can help Make Bintulu a Beautiful City, please contact BDA.

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