With the sprawling Samalaju Industrial Park (SIP) filling up with large-scale power incentive industries, the need for supporting accommodation, residential and commercial development also grows. That is where Samalaju Properties Sdn Bhd (Samalaju Properties) comes in.

Tasked with fulfilling such needs, Samalaju Properties is a joint venture between Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad, Naim Holdings Berhad and Bintulu Development Authority. Its development master plan encompasses the vibrant Samalaju Eco Park, Samalaju Central and Samalaju Resort Hotel. The company was also tasked to build the Samalaju Lodge, which provides facilities and services of international standards to cater to overseas and local workers.

Samalaju Lodge

One of the most invaluable projects for Samalaju Properties, Samalaju Lodge was built to serve as temporary accommodation for construction workers, employees and executives from the factories within the SIP area. The lodge features accommodation options from basic worker’s quarters to air-conditioned executive rooms. Available for rent at a minimal price, the latter even comes with multiple channel satellite TV, en-suite bathrooms and full-sized refrigerator for greater convenience in terms of storing food and drinks.

Safety is assured with 24-hour security, while a comprehensive set of amenities and services like lounge, cafeteria, gymnasium, laundry service and sickbay make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. But most importantly is the fact that the lodge can accommodate up to 5,755 of occupants at any one time.

Samalaju Eco Park


The epitome of green and sustainable living once completed, Samalaju Eco Park is a self-contained, eco-centric township built on 2,000 acres on the edge of the SIP. It is surrounded by lush greenery and roaring hills that act as natural air filtration systems, promoting a healthy environment for the residents.

Two components of the township have been completed so far. The first is an apartment complex made up of 16 blocks of 4-storey walk-up units. Each block has 16 units of three-bedroom apartments. The design of the buildings allows air to flow down the air wells and through the entrance lobby area to keep the building cool and breezy, even when it is hot outside. Reasonably priced and built with quality materials, the apartment is perfect for small families. Also completed are two adjoining blocks of shophouses, which will serve the residents of the Eco Park as well as people from the rest of the SIP and surrounding areas nearby.

Apart from the apartments and shophouses, Samalaju Eco Park will also have landed residential properties set amidst an eco-friendly setting, with waterways that lead to a scenic man-made lake, pedestrian walkways lined with trees, lush gardens and recreational parks. These green and blue components help to reduce heat and keep the township cool.

Samalaju Eco Park is built to adapt to future lifestyles, where digital technology and wireless connectivity will play a huge part in the daily life of the residents. And a comprehensive network of public transportation will ensure seamless connectivity between the township and the rest of Sarawak.

Samalaju Central


Right in the middle of Samalaju Industrial Park lies its beating heart - Samalaju Central. Once fully completed, the 81-acre commercial hub will be the epicentre of business and leisure in the SIP. Sibu Central comprises retail units, semi-detached light industrial buildings and vacant industrial lots all in one place. It will serve not only the surrounding industries, but the communities living in and around the SIP, and not forgetting visitors to the area as well.

Samalaju Properties has been staying committed and true to its vision of “Building Sustainable & Vibrant Communities” thus far, what with all the projects that have been completed according to plan and the rest well on their way. Once everything is in place, Samalaju Industrial Park will become more than just your average industrial enclave.

Samalaju Properties Sdn Bhd

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