Ever striving towards educational excellence, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is always looking ahead. The university is committed to provide the nation with leaders, managers, scientists and technical specialists as well as thoughtful citizens who are capable of handling the complex challenges of our common future - confidently, competently, and creatively.

Incorporated on Dec 24, 1992, UNIMAS is the eighth university in Malaysia. A university that is contemporary in character and forward-looking in its outlook. UNIMAS started with about 30 academic staff and opened its doors to the first batch of 118 students on Aug 8, 1993 in two pioneering faculties - Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Resource Science and Technology.

Today, the university has a total of nine faculties, nine research centres as well as five research institutes, with a total of 44 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate programmes offered.

With this year marking the 25th anniversary of the university, UNIMAS has interviewed some of the 1st batch employees and one of its pioneering graduates. These are their thoughts:

Prof Dr Andrew Ragai ak Henry Rigit 1st Batch Postgraduate Alumni, UNIMAS (1997) Looking back fondly to my experience in UNIMAS, I must say the university has grown from a tiny university in December 1992, to a full-fledged comprehensive university that becomes the pride of every Sarawakian today. We have opened up a new frontier in the history of Sarawak where we can offer any courses relevant to the needs of the State and the country, and undertaking any research projects with our diverse resources, background and knowledge. Bravo UNIMAS!

Prof Dr Othman Bojo Dean, Faculty of Resource Sciences & Science Technology 1st Batch Academic Staff in UNIMAS (1993) As an academician and educator, I boast all the time about the passion, the inspiration that is fuelled by the opportunity to engage with students; to get together with the students and make teaching and learning a joint activity, to learn from them and fostering their success. As a person, I feel very strongly about giving back to my community and UNIMAS, standing bold and strong in Kota Samarahan where I was born, serves as the greatest source of my achievement, pride and inspiration. I want to underscore what a tremendous privilege it is to play a part in the evolution of UNIMAS. To me there is no greater calling.

Mdm Margaret Simeng Ex-Oficio Member, Chief Librarian 1st Batch Administrative Staff in UNIMAS (1993) I am glad to be around with UNIMAS in her 25th anniversary this year. Being the 16th to be given the opportunity to develop and grow with UNIMAS on May 13, 1993 at Rumah Setia, Kuching, I feel blessed to have experienced the joy and challenges together with the first batch of colleagues led by our first Vice Chancellor YBhg Prof Dato’ Zawawi Ismail. Being a full-fledged Comprehensive University located in Sarawak, it has given us the opportunity to utilise and optimise the local resources as well as being involved actively in the State’s initiatives, amongst others SCORE and the Digital Economy. As what our current Vice Chancellor YBhg Prof Dato’ Mohamad Kadim Suaidi said, we must make our presence felt so that the communities in Sarawak benefit from our existence here.

Dr Cheah Whye Lian Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences 1st Batch Academic Staff in UNIMAS (1993) From a small building called Rumah Setia, located at Reservoir Park, UNIMAS has evolved into a huge community that consist faculties, research institutes/centres and preuniversity centre. I have seen from the beginning, the struggles of our leaders and the people who have made UNIMAS gemilang (successful). We have had many leaders with different visions but the target was to ultimately bring UNIMAS to the highest level. I am thankful to UNIMAS for having given me the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a lecturer. I believe what really keeps me here is the ability to grow and progress. UNIMAS Gemilang.

Prof Dr Kasing Apun Lecturer, Faculty of Resource Sciences & Science Technology 1st Batch Academic Staff in UNIMAS (1993) For the past 25 years, UNIMAS has stayed true to its slogan, “Contemporary & Forward Looking”, which is the defining essence for UNIMAS to always look forward and advance ourselves while remaining relevant in the process. UNIMAS has improved by leaps and bounds in academic excellence, research and development, and much more. It is exciting to see how we have made impact towards the people of Sarawak as UNIMAS continues to embrace change while remaining true to its roots, to provide education that is on par with other worldclass institutions for students, both local and international.

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