When you think “fast food”, big brands like McDonalds and KFC spring to mind. SugarBun stands amongst these fast food giants in East Malaysia, except it serves great-tasting Malaysian food familiar to the palates of people residing in Borneo.

Darrell Sin, the brand leader of SugarBun, recounts the brand’s humble beginnings as an ice cream parlor in 1979. Recognising the diversity of culture and preferences for cuisines in Borneo, SugarBun evolved to begin serving food you would find at individual hawker stalls and compiling these delicious dishes under one roof.

Becoming the first home-grown major fast food brand has been an exciting journey as eyes grew wider, stomachs became full and hearts were captured. Only at SugarBun could you order a juicy fried chicken drumstick alongside Assam Fish and rice. The versatility of SugarBun stands at the heart of its success.

Darrell reflects the aggressive F&B market is ever-changing in menus and activities by SugarBun’s competitors. This has resulted in a slight downfall in popularity in recent times, he asserts. One of the biggest challenges is the ever-present struggle of value against quality. No immediate solutions were mentioned but Darrell affirmed that all of SugarBun's customers were valued and opinions were being considered as he guided SugarBun in its journey back to the top. Expansion into West Malaysia and Sabah indicates that SugarBun isn’t doing too badly at all, but there’s definitely room to grow.

Speaking of expansion, SugarBun hosted its second Dota 2 tournament. Garnering huge interest, the recognition of eSports as a huge area not tapped into in Borneo was a huge opportunity. Darrell laughs as he admits he is an avid gamer and believes that the venture to join F&B with eSports will be a successful long-term venture.

Watch this space, as SugarBun grows from strength to strength.

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