Buildings That Inspire

Property development in Kuching has brought about a number of interesting and aesthetic buildings to make the city unique with these different designs and structures. By incorporating such outstanding buildings into the surrounding areas actually bring about a refreshing new perspective of these sites to everyone . . .

Kuching Upriver

The old part of town consists of long rows warehouses and shops along the broad waters of Sarawak River, The first roads ran along the back of these houses, roughly parallel with the river, named after a prominent business man – Ewe Hai Street , a trade – Carpenter Street, or the people who lived there – India Street . . .

Soar Like An Eagle!

The Borneo Kite Festival is unique for Sarawak as it is the only annual event hosted by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) at the centre of the Gas Town (venue: old airport). Amidst the bountiful of colours and all shapes and sizes of the kites over the week of 24th - 28th September 2014, there will also be other extravaganzas for everyone to enjoy.