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Six Effective Physical Activities Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a known fact that overweight and obesity are growing public health problems. The prevalence of obesity has reached epidemic levels in many developing countries, and Malaysia is of no exception. In a survey carried out by National Health and Morbidity Surveys (NHMSs) showed an increasing trend of overweight and obesity among Malaysian adults aged 18 years and older.

Ditch plastic, save Earth

Science Magazine in 2015 rated Malaysia as one of the worst countries for plastic waste. In 2010 alone, we produced almost three million tonnes of plastic waste. And the number has all but stopped growing.

Nostalgic Nibbles

They may not mean much to today’s kids, but back then, these sweet treats were all the rage!


While there are many Sarawakians who are keeping up with progress of the modern age, a few are still left behind.

NOMS Chapter Two

NOMS Chapter Two offers some seriously food grubs in a comfort of a cosy restaurant.

Seoul Garden

The home-grown restaurant serves some of the best, most authentic Korean food in Kuching and their number of returning customers is prove of that.

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